[time-nuts] CW12-TIM

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Sat Jul 12 10:27:14 EDT 2014

> I am needing a GPS source of precise time, in three flavours - 10MHz
> so), 1PPS, and ethernet NTP. In the beginning, the NTP will be most
> important, and as time goes on, I'll need the 1PPS signal.

I know DIY is always lots of fun, but if you want to get up and running
quick with little to no fuss... Consider grabbing a Tymserve TS2100 GPS
model from eBay... (There are IRIG & GPS models. The IRIG model you can
tell because it is missing the GPS SMA connector on the back). Usually
they sell for around $200 or less.

They provide NTP, 10MHz, 1PPS, and IRIG-B output. Nothing fancy but they
work. They come in TCXO (most common), OCXO, and Rb flavors too...

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