[time-nuts] Setting Windows XP clock.

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Sat Jul 12 20:46:36 EDT 2014

In the Control Panel, click on Date & Time.  In the date & Time Properties 
window, click the Internet Time tab.  Make sure the "Automatically 
synchronize with an Internet time server" box is checked.
In the Server: box, copy the following server name and paste it into the 
Server box:

The time & date gets automatically updated once a day.  You can always open 
this window and click the Update Now button to get an immediate update.

This should keep your clock on time.

Dave M

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> Subject: [time-nuts] Setting Windows XP clock.
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> As some of you no doubt know microshaft has stopped supporting
> windows XP.
> As part of this they have ceased to correct windows XP clocks.  This
> seams rather small of them as it can't possibly be any inconvenience
> to them to continue to provide this service.
> I have a program on my old 98 box which runs my weather station
> program.  On boot-up it contacts some place and corrects the system
> clock.  I put it on that machine so long ago I don't remember where I
> got it or who it contacts. Does anyone know of a program I can
> download that will do the same for my XP box.  I have no intention of
> upgrading until this box becomes absolutely un-operational.
> Regards.
> Max.  K 4 O DS. 

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