[time-nuts] Optical Distribution of 1PPS and IRIG

George Atkinson robertg8rpi at virginmedia.com
Sun Jul 13 14:44:54 EDT 2014

IRIG A20 (manchester code) or even A10 (DC level shift) should drive a
transmitter directly or you could use an AM carrier, A13 is 10kHz, A14
100kHz or A15 1MHz.
LuxLink sell off-the shelf solutions, see
or SEL will do duplex data plus IRIG B over a two fibre link
Meinberg also have solutions

Robert G8RPI.

On 13 July 2014 16:19, Martin A Flynn <maflynn at theflynn.org> wrote:

> I am working on a project where I need to transfer 1PPS approximately 120
> meters between buildings.    I cam borrow a pair of 62.5 fibers from
> IT/telco to do so.
> Playing cost / performance against one another, I am looking for a
> solution somewhere in the middle that does not requires SM-28 single mode
> fiber)
> Martin
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