[time-nuts] Noise and non-linear behaviour of ferrite transformers

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Sun Jul 20 12:16:24 EDT 2014


On Sun, 20 Jul 2014 03:41:44 -0700
"John Miles" <john at miles.io> wrote:

> I often find that when I use coaxial baluns to cut down on ground loop
> noise, I end up with more noise and interference than I started with.  Not
> always, but often enough that I'm leery of them.  


Thanks for the explanation. Now everything makes a lot more sense!

If i understood you correctly, then the right thing to do would be
either to use triax (single core, two isolated shields) with the inner
shield as the ground point for the balun, while the outer shield is
connected to the transformers shield or left open. Or alternativelly
use some differntial, shielded cable.

Apropos: does anyone know how "good" Cat5e/Cat6 cable is for timing
applications? Ie, how large is the phase shift on bending or temperature
and humidity change?

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