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Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Mon Jul 21 10:02:52 EDT 2014

Moin Bert,

On Mon, 21 Jul 2014 09:02:12 -0400 (EDT)
EWKehren at aol.com wrote:

> The challenge is reliable fan start at low voltage if you want the unit  
> stay constant over an ambient change of 10 C. Members have talked about u  
> processor control but I have not seen any thing that works, many of the heat  
> pipes used in laptop do have digital speed control, some one please step up 
> to  the plate.

How about doing it the old analog way? Feed the output of the
PID controller to comparator together with a sawtooth signal.
That will give you a quite nice 0-100% PWM control.
I'm quite sure a similar solution is possible with a NE555 as well.

Of course, you would need to adjust the PID controller parameters
to accomodate for the new element in the control loop.

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