[time-nuts] temperature sensor

Clint Turner turner at ussc.com
Mon Jul 21 19:51:55 EDT 2014

One cheap device that has a fairly predictable tempco over a fairly good 
range of temperatures is the lowly ceramic resonator - especially the 
low frequency variety (e.g. 400-500 kHz) having a reasonably straight 
line temperature versus frequency curve.  If one already has a decent 
frequency reference on hand, it might be interesting to characterize it 
for both linearity and retrace.

Depending on the needed accuracy, I would suspect that it would be 
easily beat by a calibrated and dithered DS18B20 or a thermocouple - not 
to mention an LC or even a Y (a.k.a. "parallel") cut quartz 
crystal-based oscillator, to name but two.



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