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While not really monolithic, I have found L1/L2 receivers (mostly for navigation, but also in timing flavor) rather well integrated, especially from Novatel and Javad. Sadly, their websites don't mention prices. 

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Michael Perrett <mkperrett at gmail.com> wrote:

> The government is in the process of fielding three new signals designed for
> civilian use: L2C, L5, and L1C. The legacy civil signal, called L1 C/A or
> C/A at L1, will continue broadcasting in the future, for a total of four
> civil GPS signals. Users must upgrade their equipment to benefit from the
> new signals.

Side note: L1C and L5 will only be available with Block III satellites.
(ie. not before 201x, and even then only one or two satellites)
L2C is available with Block IIM and IIF (13 satellites)

> These new signals (will) provide many advantages as seen by the civilian
> user, one of the most obvious is the ability to make real time IONO
> corrections on civilian receivers (currently restricted to P Code
> receivers). 

L1/L2 receivers already exist for civilan use and have been for
some time. The P(Y) code does not need to be decoded for tracking
the signal. This is known as "codless tracking".

Attila Kinali

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