[time-nuts] GPS III

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Fri Jul 25 11:10:27 EDT 2014

> I have purchased about a dozen of these receivers 
> (mostly the RS-232 version for $1 more).   Reyax 
> ships very fast.  I get them in about 1 week.
> They work well,  and are based upon the Ublox MAX-7C. 
> They output independent GPS and Glonass NMEA messages 
> and don't appear to merge the two systems in their
> navigation solutions.  I have not done any testing 
> of the 1PPS signal (which is brought out to the connector).

I bought a couple too. After trying to figure out how to enable both I
did some reading and discovered that only one can be enabled at a time.
It's not until their 8-series that both can be enabled simultaneously.

Kind of a let down, but still cool to dabble with GLONASS.

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