[time-nuts] Datum ts2100 gps error code 41: New clone ace III

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Fri Jul 25 11:06:56 EDT 2014

The "GPS Health" menu choice never really did anything. It will always
say "Doing position fixes, error code: 1". However, the GPS Firmware and
Signal Strength menus should report back proper information.

Can you elaborate on "it does not set the right time"? Is it some random
time, or is it off by some fixed general offset (like 1 hour)?

Do the Tracking & Lock LEDs light up with the new receiver?

> Hi all!
> Have a Datum ts2100 that had a failed gps receiver. Found a replacement
> a new "clone". The ts2100 with the new receiver does not set the right
> time, however, it does know where it is, reports the gps firmware
> and gives satellite information. Prior to this, the only message that I
> could get regarding the gps receiver was "gps engine busy". The ts2100
> never illuminates the "lock" or "tracking" led's on the front panel.
> When checking the menu available from the front panel, in the timing
> section, at the "gps health" prompt, the ts2100 reports the error "gps
> doing fixes error code 41"
> A google search reveals absolutely nothing.
> Norm n3ykf

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