[time-nuts] Datum ts2100 gps error code 41: New clone ace III

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Re: Datum TS2100

I have only recently obtained a Datum 2100 GPS - its working fine, but it 
has been suggested that the Oscillator is not disciplined by the GPS - can 
somebody confirm this ?   A brief look inside has established that it has a 
Trimble GPS unit, which would seem to be the same as per your discussion. Is 
it possible to obtain the Technical Manual for this equipment ?

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> I also have a pair of small boards that I don't have any info on.
> PCB says Trimble,  39818-00-C.  The 00 is written in by hand.
> There is a big chip on the bottom that says Trimble.  144 quad
> It's got more stuff on the chip, but I can't read it.

I compared against my Trimble modules... Those are ACE-III receivers.
They are newer models (but backwards compatible) with the SveeSix... They
are also what you *usually* find in a Tymserve TS2100.

Don't get rid of them, they are very hard to find these days! If you
don't want them, contact me off-list if you want to sell them!

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