[time-nuts] OT Gel Cell question

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Sun Jul 27 15:53:06 EDT 2014

Hi Robert:

I've spent a lot of time charging batteries using different methods and on various chemistries.

When the charge is in the form of a pulse, ideally including a reverse polarity pulse, the charge is more effective.
This is also a way to sometimes, but not always, will recover a battery that otherwise will not take a charge from a DC 

I think this works because it takes some time for chemical reactions to work and by using a pulse you can force the 
reaction to a higher level that you can't do using DC without causing problems such as boiling the electrolyte.  For 
more info see Burp Charging:

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

Robert Roehrig wrote:
> Anyone know why Gel Cell batteries go HI-Z if discharged below a certain level?
> Also is there a way to rejuvenate a "dead" one?
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