[time-nuts] OT Gel Cell question

Tom Miller tmiller11147 at verizon.net
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There are some other failure modes for gel cell (and other lead acid types) 

One is a shorted cell caused be the plates warping and breaching the 
separator insulation. This is not recoverable.

Another more likely failure is corrosion of the connections to the plates. 
Also not recoverable.

If the battery is more than five years old it is most likely time to trade 
it in for a new one.


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> Robert wrote:
>>Anyone know why Gel Cell batteries go HI-Z if discharged below a certain 
>>Also is there a way to rejuvenate a "dead" one?
> As others have explained, the problem is sulfation.  I have had good 
> results de-sulfating lead-acid batteries of all types (flooded, gel, AGM) 
> with "BatteryMINDer" brand chargers/desulfators.  With badly sulfated 
> batteries, rejuvination can take a long time.  Often, they return to a 
> good approximation of "like new" performance.  Sometimes they improve but 
> don't return to "like new."
> <http://www.batteryminders.com/batteryminder-model-1500-12volt-1-5-amp-maintenance-charger-desulfator/>
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