[time-nuts] OT Gel Cell question

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Mon Jul 28 15:18:25 EDT 2014

That said, I have never seen a gel cell, or a glass mat lead acid battery
leak acid, or emit fumes.  I'm not saying it can't happen, just that in
all of my battery work, I haven't seen it... [unlike with nicads, where I
think something is wrong when I don't see leakage.]

The seal is something they take very seriously, and is typically some
form of elasomeric plastic/rubber.  Even the seal between the plastic
case and the faston tabs is flexible.

If the battery has a cell that is seriously overcharging, due to a short
in another cell, it will out gas hydrogen and oxygen due to the electrolytic
breakdown of the water in the electrolyte.  Probably better that it do that
than to blow up.

-Chuck Harris

Alexander Pummer wrote:
> as long as it is not a gals/ceramic seal, there is no way to stop sulfuric acid to
> get out from the cell, just imagine the dilatation diffrence between plastic and
> metal...
> 73
> Alex
> On 7/28/2014 10:12 AM, Ed Palmer wrote:
>> As I understand it, the only time that any sealed lead acid battery will vent is in
>> the case of gross overcharging.  The battery is designed so that normal charge
>> rates and correct float voltage will result in recombination of any hydrogen and
>> oxygen produced. Was there a fault in the charging circuit or perhaps, the charging
>> circuit didn't have proper temperature compensation of the charge voltage?
>> Ed

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