[time-nuts] Sphere's Free Stuff Event is this weekend!

walter shawlee 2 walter2 at sphere.bc.ca
Mon Jul 28 17:30:59 EDT 2014

For those that can make it to West Kelowna, in BC, CANADA, friday and saturday 
should be
very enjoyable.  we have a stock of free electronic gear about 8 feet high and 
15 feet wide that will be going, PLUS a half-dozen Tek 465/465B/2225 scopes (all 
with some intermittent problems), one free to those that show up while they 
last. There's a Tek 7854 7K series plug in digital scope going free too.

look at our web site for sphere research for more details, and contact info.

the event runs friday noon-5pm, and saturday 9am to 5pm.  hope to see you there.
YES, we have a ton of time code stuff, most for just a few bucks, but some free too.
even have two gigantic 3 foot KODE time displays.

we hope to see you this weekend! great weather too...
we are just off highway 97, take the boucherie turn-off, then sunnyside.
we are right behind Quails' Gate Vineyard.

walter & susan
sphere research corp.

Walter Shawlee 2, President
Sphere Research Corporation
3394 Sunnyside Rd.,  West Kelowna,  BC
V1Z 2V4  CANADA  Phone: (250) 769-1834
walter2 at sphere.bc.ca
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