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It has delayed the launching of birds, as the old ones does not die of 
quick enough for the planned schematic to maintain 24 birds, instead we 
see 30-32 birds active for many years, and some being "off air" backups.

On the other hand, it gives more time to adjust the new birds with new 


On 07/29/2014 08:42 PM, John Allen wrote:
> Hi Magnus et al - just FYI: 2 1/2 times the design lifetime is not unusual
> for satellites.  More of the Ham Oscar satellites have exceeded their
> lifetime by that much or more.  (Sorry, no facts handy).
> It saves us USA taxpayers money when they last that long!
> Regards, John K1AE
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> Fellow time-nuts,
> Things will shift in the sky. Lot's of changes.
> SVN-33 is being decommissioned after 17.5 years of operation, with a 7 years
> designed lifetime, that's 2.5 times the operational lifetime, and it's being
> decommissioned in a controlled fashion. Respect.
> Cheers,
> Magnus
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> All CGSIC:
>       The Air Force is set to launch the 7th GPS IIF satellite from Cape
> Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.
> Delta IV GPS IIF-7 Mission Overview:
> Atlas V GPS IIF-7 Mission Brochure:
> http://www.ulalaunch.com/uploads/docs/Mission_Booklets/AV/av_GPSIIF7_MOB.pdf
> Rocket/Payload: An Atlas V 401 will launch the GPS IIF-7 mission for the
> U.S. Air Force.
> Date/Site/Launch Time: Friday, Aug. 1, 2014, from Space Launch Complex
> (SLC)-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. The 18-minute launch
> window opens at 11:23 p.m. EDT.
> Viewing the Launch by Webcast: The live webcast will begin at 11:03 p.m.
> EDT.
> GPS IIF-7 is one of the next-generation GPS satellites, incorporating
> various improvements to provide greater accuracy, increased signals, and
> enhanced performance for users.
> Launch Updates: To keep up to speed with updates to the launch countdown,
> dial the ULA launch hotline at 1-877-852-4321 or join the conversation at
> www.facebook.com/ulalaunch and twitter.com/ulalaunch; hashtag #GPSIIF7.
> The Air Force Second Space Operations Squadron indicates that IIF-7,
> SVN-68/PRN-3, will replace SVN-43 in the F plane slot 3 (F3).  SVN-43 will
> be re-phased from F3 to the F2F slot to replace SVN-26.  SVN-33 will be
> taken out of the operational constellation the day after SVN-68 launch and
> sent to Launch, Anomaly and Disposal Operations (LADO).  SVN-33 was launched
> on 09 April 1996 successfully serving over 17.5 years, 10.5 years beyond its
> design life, due to the diligent efforts of the men and women of the U.S.
> Air Force. SVN-26 will back-up SVN-43 once it completes its re-phase
> journey.
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