[time-nuts] Virgin time nutter fell at the first M12+ hurdle

Azelio Boriani azelio.boriani at screen.it
Wed Jun 11 13:28:20 EDT 2014

Pin 1 is the serial input and shouldn't be left unconnected. By
default the M12 doesn't talk on the serial line: you must give a
command and get the answer. There are commands to program the M12 to
talk on the serial port every n seconds. First get the manual (there
are many in the wild) for example:

On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 6:04 PM, Stephen <si at 2si.co.uk> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> After reading quite a bit from your archives i've decided to try a put together a 10MHz reference.
> I've picked up a oncore M12+T GPS card and have tried to initialise it but without any success thus far.
> The user manual for the M12+T seems to suggest that i should be able to hook the txd and rxd pins to a MAX3232 and be able to use the Winoncore software to configure the card.
> At power up the M12+T pins 1 & 2 are at 3V. After 10 seconds pin 2 sinks to 0V, pin 1 idles at 3V and pin 4 give 1PPS.  No serial output from the card at all.
> Anyone have experience of connecting an M12+T to rs232?
> Stephen
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