[time-nuts] FE5680 GPS Disciplined Controller

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
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I'm glad you're making progress on your Arduino GPSDO. You've mentioned it in a dozen postings the past half year. Perhaps you will post the source code sketch, full design, and actual phase / frequency / adev results some day. Many of us are willing to help as independent testers and see actual results.

Meanwhile... Now would be the time for you to let Bert have the stage; he has an actual working design, with PCB, and several tests in progress. High-performance results. This represents a year of work on his part, and others who have freely collaborated and contributed to all aspects of his project. It's really nice.

Please do not hijack the thread of another time nut's superb effort. Some week it will be your turn to post final results of your project. This is not the week.


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> I've been working in the same thing BUT I don't want anyone who builds it
> to need a PCB.  And I want the firmware to load over USB so there is no
> need to ship programmed chips or deal with external programmers.   I think
> I can get the cost below $20.     That said I doubt I'll get 1E-13
> performance out of my Rb.
> My little Arduino based controller has been running now for a couple months
> and keeping a crystal in lock.  The board has a pins left over for a serial
> port that I'll hook up to the Rb.
> The trick to getting the cost down is NOT to do a custom PCB.  Take
> advantage of one of the uP development boards and then for under $5 you get
> the USB interface, D/A and A/D, serial ports, timers and quite a bit of
> logic all  1/3rd the size of a credit card.

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