[time-nuts] 58503A date code problem

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Jun 21 15:59:48 EDT 2014

daniel.burch at ieee.org said:
> I have a HP/Symm 58530A that has the correct time, but date keeps defaulting
> to 1994, Nov, 4 after GPS Lock.  The pre-lock is 1996, so I do see a change
> when it locks, just to the wrong date.....time is exactly correct and
> tracks.

> Any ideas? 

That looks like the GPS week roll-over problem.  I fixed it on a Z3801A by 
telling it the date before it got a GPS lock.

I don''t remember the command to tell it the date.  It's in the Z3801A manual.

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