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Brian Lloyd brian at lloyd.com
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On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 6:55 PM, DaveH <info at blackmountainforge.com> wrote:

> I built the Van de Graaff generator / electron accelerator with a buddy for
> a high-school science project.  My Dad was a physicist so was able to
> borrow
> a vacuum system and not have to make that part.
> Lost to a guy who had done a ruby laser - this was back in 1966.

I built the MRS and won the LA County Science fair and placed in the
California State Science fair with it in 1968. I was 13.

I also build one of the seismograph designs just for fun.

I did not build the quartz reference clock design in the book but used the
idea to motivate me to add a quartz reference to the 60Hz inverter I built
from the ARRL handbook, using a bunch of DTL flip-flop dividers, to drive a
mechanical clock with a synchronous motor. This was in 1969. So I guess
that delimits the beginning of my time-nuttery.

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