[time-nuts] FE-5680A sweep range setting

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sat Mar 1 10:35:34 EST 2014

On 24/02/14 19:14, Paul Berger wrote:
> A couple further observations, to make life easier when adjusting C245
> you can unplug the top card and move it aside, the CVXO will lock
> without it, but you will not have the 10MHz to monitor, but you can
> monitor the CVXO output instead.  On the 6 pin connector you will see a
> 1 near the outer long edge of the second card, the CVXO output appears
> on pin 5 of this connector and on mine, it locks at 50.25505808 MHz
> according to my 5335A.   I also noted that when the 5680A is well warmed
> up it sweeps through a much smaller range.

In that case it would be good if the "mid" voltage would be established, 
so that once lock have been achieved, further trimming can be done until 
the VCXO steering is in the middle of the range. That would make sure 
there is plenty of margin to either end, rather than sitting on the edge 
and just barely lock.


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