[time-nuts] Arduino GPSDO with 1ns res TIC

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sat Mar 1 19:15:24 EST 2014

Hej Lars,

On 01/03/14 23:09, Lars Walenius wrote:
> Hi Magnus
> You are correct in a way. The code  is more complicated than it should have been.

Well, there is potential for improvements.

> The first row with comment “corr for time” is the I-term.


> The second row that integrates the frequency offset is the P-term and could have been just proportional to the time offset I understand now (I have thought of it before but totally forgot it).

Well, as it says now it is

dacValue = dacValue + I_contribution
dacValue = dacValue + P_contribution

rather than

I = I + I_contribution
dacValue = I + P_contribution

The dacValue you create will integrate both the I and P contributions.
However, that's not what your code is doing.

The "P-contribution" is really a frequency input rather than 
proportional time/phase input. That is correct to integrate to get 
P-ish. A more direct way would be to remove the differentiating of the 
input and remove the integration on the output. That would make the code 
clearer about what's going on.

> As I choosed to work with integers I have to scale the values to avoid truncation errors (that I still get with large time constants ☹. Probably it would be better to use floating point calculations.

You need to use long enough integers for it to work. Integer scaling is 
a bitch, but if you do it right, it can work very well for you.

Personally, I'm lazy and just throw a ton of bits onto it, turns out it 
is cheap and I can worry about other parts of the design, and there is 
plenty of those to go around anyway.


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