[time-nuts] FSCM 38243 Power Distribution Module

Tom Miller tmiller11147 at verizon.net
Sun Mar 2 02:12:42 EST 2014

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Subject: [time-nuts] FSCM 38243 Power Distribution Module

> Does anybody knows if FSCM 38243 8-way P/D module is suitable for 10MHZ
> frequency ? The module I have, has no other information on it except
> Serial No.: 171-0100-048. Looks like its old Minicircuits product. But I
> am not sure.  I am planing to connect 10Mhz GPSDO output to it.
> -- 

Those transformers do not look like they are for any frequency near 10 MHz. 
I would take a guess that this is for UHF frequencies. Why don't you 
terminate 7 of the ports into 50 ohms and measure the loss from the main 
port to the 8th port. Do you have access to a signal generator and a RF 
voltmeter/spectrum analyzer/receiver/other way to measure RF?

Or feed in 10 MHz and look at the output with a scope. In any event, it will 
have a lot of loss, probably around 12 dB.


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