[time-nuts] FSCM 38243 Power Distribution Module

Tom Miller tmiller11147 at verizon.net
Sun Mar 2 12:54:02 EST 2014

It looks like the input hits a 2 way splitter that drives each of four 
ports. Most of these have at best a 3 dB loss, more like 4.5 dB. Then it 
each of those gets split again to drive two ports. Then another split to 
each port. So lets say at best it is 3 + 3 +3 = 9 dB. But being broadband, I 
believe it will lose a bit more than 3 dB per split. Say 4 + 4+ 4 =12 dB.

If it is military, then it could be for something in the 225 to 400 MHz 
range. I don't think there are enough turns on the transformers for 10 MHz 
but I could be wrong. Only a test will confirm it and there are many people 
on this list that can make that measurement. I am in MD so if close, let me 


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>From the construction and components used it isn't UHF ;-) It appears to be 
7 two way splittters in series and the transformers look to have plenty of 

As you have a 10MHz source why not just try it out? You should get about 9dB 
attenuation input to output with the other ports terminated in 50R. This 
could be checked by reference to a 10dB attenuator with a 50R load, diode 
and multimeter as indication if you don't have an accurate power meter.

Or if you ship it to me I can stick it on a VNA and give you exact specs.

Robert G8RPI.

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