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Thank you for your comments.  I see the situation a bit more clearly now, and will do some searches on Trimble and GPSDO and so on.  Right now I am interested in seeing what my options are, and deciding which way to go.

Yes this can become an obsession but I keep reminding myself that it's a hobby and isn't stopping me from eating or sleeping or breathing.  I do have fun with it.  Recently I bored a couple of visitors showing how my counter and signal generator drifted during warmup but eventually settled within about 10 ppb of one another, within about a half hour.  (Both units have 24/7 ovens.)  The generator actually accounts for nearly all the drift.  The counter is a venerable HP 5245L with 500 MHz plugin.


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> Okay you want numbers. Well, I think 10 ppb or thereabouts should do it.
> Somewhere there is a discontinuity in accuracy plotted against cost and I
> don't want to cross that barrier just yet. If I can get 1 ppb without a 
> big
> increase in cost, I'll take that.

How good is your crystal?

Junk crystals are good thermometers.  Ballpark is 1 ppm/degree-C
If you are running ntpd, turn on loopstats and measure the temperature...

I've been watching a 3 MHz ovenized crystal.  It was something like 4 for 
from ebay.  It's a 2 in sq can, over an inch high.  It's got a few ppb of
noise over minutes/hours and a few more ppb of drift/wander over 
It took several weeks to stabilize after power on.


Is that 3 MHz OCXO one from Ridge? If so, I opened one up and was surprised 
to find it did not have any foam insulation.


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