[time-nuts] ADEV from phase or frequency measurement

Volker Esper ailer2 at t-online.de
Sun Mar 2 18:50:06 EST 2014

Sorry for the "time delay"...

TIC: SR620 with Z3805 as external reference; signal source
Nortel/Trimble GPSTM (GPSDO) 10MHz output

Enclosed two plots (SW: "Plotter"):
- one is sigma(tau) calculated from phase samples (SR620 TIME mode),
- the other one is sigma(tau) from frequency data (SR620 FREQ mode)

Whole equipment had a power up time of several days/weeks. Room
temperature was stable over both measurements (within about 2 degrees C).


Am 01.03.2014 14:43, schrieb Magnus Danielson:
> On 01/03/14 13:25, Volker Esper wrote:
>> Thank you, Tom, so far. Yes, I know that I have to use different
>> formulas, but - of course - I didn't calculate the ADEV curves myself, I
>> let some software do the job, namely Ulrich's Plotter and TimeLab as
>> well. Plotter has a menu item, where you have to check if you deal with
>> phase or frequency data, so I assumed the software would do right.
>> I am confused. The ADEVs of the phase data are about 10 times better and
>> have a different shape...
> Can you supply the TimeLab plots or even measurement files?
> What was your counter and setup?
> Cheers,
> Magnus
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