[time-nuts] Another "atomic" clock question

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Wed Mar 5 18:03:16 EST 2014


If you are going to decode and use the sawtooth data out of the receiver, there’s no need to eliminate the hanging bridges. The sawtooth data does that for you already. Put another way, heating the receiver is *harder* than just using the decoded data….


On Mar 5, 2014, at 9:53 AM, Mike M <timenuts at binsamp.e4ward.com> wrote:

> Bob Camp wrote:
>> Hi
>> Be careful of what you wish for.
>> One way to eliminate the hanging bridge is to have  the oscillator
>> exactly on  frequency. That sounds fine. The problem  is  that you
>> are always in the middle of a bridge.
>> Bob
> That's fine.  Just  set  the oscillator to keep  the  bridge  in the
> middle of  the  range. It should be possible to  detect  the correct
> frequency and phase by monitoring the sawtooth correction  data from
> the GPS.
> Now you have eliminated the sawtooth error and no longer have to add
> correction for it.
> This will  eliminate   the   quantization   error   in  the sawtooth
> correction data  since it is no longer needed. If the  1pps  loop is
> properly designed,  it  should help the loop track  the  1pps signal
> more accurately.
> Mike
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