[time-nuts] new gps sat prn30 svn64

tom jones epoch_time at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 6 07:08:54 EST 2014

I've done the math subtracting both skips and my clock bias's and frequency drifts from sirf msg30 (prn30) that were posted on timenuts earlier this week;

1.3331348485e-006 3.6930953087e-012  my data 
1.3294251003e-006 3.6977287551e-012  skips 
 .0037097482e-006 -.0046334464e-012  
    3.709748ns	     -4.633446e-015

Skip's gps clock is 3.7 nanosec slower than my gps clock.
And our gps internal oscillators differ in frequency by -4.633446e-15.

this could be a timenuts first. Gps common mode time and frequency comparison.

skip and I are using sirf-4 gps receiver and sirfdemo software ver. 3.87 downloadable from the web.

the receiver is a
global sat (sirf-4) bu-353s4 mag mount usb gps receiver. ubtained from gps city in las vegas. They have an online store.

My first bu353-s4 was purchased from ebay from someone in utah. It had bad sensivity. 

My holux gr-213 sirf III receiver which has the best sensitivity was from ebay china 5 or 6 years ago.. It has the sbas satellites (old prn sbas sats) hardcoded in firmware and will not receive any current sbas sats..

I believe the holux gr-213 sirf-3 mag mount usb gps are still sold. But must certainly have the new sbas satellites hardcoded correctly ?

The holux gr-213 sirf-3 generated rfi so If your a hf ham radio operator you might not want a sirf-3 holux gr-213 receiver.

Sincerly Tom.

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