[time-nuts] Modeling vs reality question re my TIC

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Mon Mar 10 18:40:43 EDT 2014

Unfortunately, I don't have a DSO, and I don't see any way to capture waveforms with the equipment I have available to me.  And then there's the insurmountable problem of not having access to the 120pf cap in the PIC.  I may have to just accept it without understanding it.  At least success is a good problem to have and not a bad one.  I'm sending a board to a friend soon, and if the results repeat for him, it's not just a fluke.


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>Subject: Re: [time-nuts] Modeling vs reality question re my TIC
>Charge injection could well account for the offset from the expected 
>There are no forward biased diodes in your circuit.
>It would be helpful to capture the 125 buffer input signal waveforms 
>(and if possible the timing capacitor waveform) rather than trying to 
>infer whats going on from the ADC plots.

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