[time-nuts] HP 58503A acurate UTC time

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Tue Mar 11 14:33:47 EDT 2014

From:  Dave Cawley
Timestep Dartmouth
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HP 58503A accurate UTC time

I have the version with the display panel and also the SatStat50 software all working fine.

The time on both the display and PC appears to be 16 seconds fast.  I queried the leap second and it says correctly 16 seconds.

The display reads :  GPS  hh:mm:ss 

  a.. So how do I set it to read real time ? 
  b.. And is there a way of dimming or tuning off the display ? 
  c.. Finally, how do I stop it doing a survey every time ?
I know this must be obvious, but right now to me it isn't !


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