[time-nuts] Any Isotemp OCXO107-10 Info?

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Wed Mar 12 04:31:01 EDT 2014

In message <531F7161.2080300 at sasktel.net>, Ed Palmer writes:

>I just picked up an Isotemp OCXO107-10 Oscillator.  I thought it looked 
>like it might be interesting, but it turns out that it's better than I 
>thought.  It's got a Dewar flask!  I found the specs, but it didn't 
>mention anything about that.  So, before I let the magic smoke out, does 
>anyone have the pinout info?  Mine has a DB9 male connector rather than 
>the DB25 shown on the specs but, of course, I'll be grateful for *any* info.

Mine is an OCXO107-16, which is a 5MHz model.

It has DE9[1] connector with the following documented pinout:

1 - 5MHz logic (CMOS ?) [8.5 kOhm]
2 - DGND		[0.14 Ohm]
3 - +5V			[7.5 kOhm]
4 -			[0.14 Ohm]
5 - +12V (Oven)		[219 kOhm]
6 - 			[0.13 Ohm]
7 - AGND		[0.12 Ohm]
8 - EFC			[303 kOhm]
9 - VREF		[5.7 kOhm]

Resistances in [] measured against the metal case, negative
terminal to case.

Any resistance between pins 2, 4, 6 and 7 are less than I
can measure with any precision.

+12V current starts at 350mA and ends up less than 80mA after
about half an hour.

+5V current is 5.2mA and probably only used for whatever chip
    drives the cmos output on pin 1.  Turning it on/off has no
    effect on the sine-wave output on the SMA connector.

VREF stabilizes at 8.060... V after some hours.
EFC floats at 4.5580... V

[1] It's DB25 but DE9, the second letter is the shell size :-)

Hope this helps...

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