[time-nuts] Power Supply for AD9852 / AD9854

d0ct0r time at patoka.org
Sat Mar 15 21:10:47 EDT 2014


By design, DDS "stones" like AD9852 from Analog Devices, required 
separated power lines for AVDD, DVDD and VCC.
What will is simple solution for that ?  I am planing to use following 
approach: +5V from linear PS, then three LC filters, then three 3.3V 
voltage regulators (Ex.: MC33269T) connected to each filter. Is it good 
enough ?

May be its better solution for this ? Or may be that could be simplified 
to join AVDD and VCC (AVDD will be connected to VCC via 100 Ohm). Thanks 
in advance !


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