[time-nuts] Using GPS to Fine Tune a Rubidium Frequency Standard.

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Hi Anders,
You can buy the 2013 "QST" CD-ROM from ARRL which includes QEX. I'm in the UK and have this CD, international delivery was no problem. Cost was $25, see http://www.arrl.org/shop/ARRL-Periodicals-DVD-2013/  The disk is well worth the cost.
I've not built the project but have looked at the article. It references the Shera design and is basically a Trimble Resoluton T to LPRO101 GPSDO. It divides the 10MHz to 100kHz before comparison. I'm not qualified to comment on how good the design is, but you can contact me off-list if you want more details.

Robert G8RPI.

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Subject: [time-nuts] Using GPS to Fine Tune a Rubidium Frequency Standard.

Does anyone have a copy of the QEX 2013 november article(Bill Kaune) "Using
GPS to Fine Tune a Rubidium Frequency Standard"?

I´m really interested in this subject, but I can´t find this magazine in
Sweden. I have contacted QEX, but it is very difficult to buy back-issues.

Have any one built this frequency standard and can tell me more about the
You can access the source code for the project here:

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