[time-nuts] Aircraft ping timing

nuts nuts at lazygranch.com
Fri Mar 21 23:52:29 EDT 2014

On Thu, 20 Mar 2014 14:42:42 -0400
Joe Leikhim <jleikhim at leikhim.com> wrote:

> I just red somewhere that the last "ping" was the only one recorded
> by Inmarsat system, Pings up to that point were presumed to occur due
> to known reporting intervals. So there is no "track".
> The Inmarsat data is a red herring. The plane could have ditched into 
> the water 85 minutes after the "incident:, at location near last
> radar contact and floated with Inmarsat operating on service battery
> for hours.
> The ELT's used in this aircraft have been implicated in two fires due
> to shorted lithium battery wires. There was an AD/Recall issued.  No 
> reports whatsoever about the ELT being activated, so if it
> burned...... Good only for 48 hours or so anyway if looking in the
> wrong place.
> Maybe there is a market for Orbcomm asset tracking transmitters
> mounted way up in an inaccessible location of the tail with own back
> up battery supply.

Orbcomm is kind of troublesome. 

There is a tracking service used mostly by helicopters, which of course
are notorious for falling off the radar due to low altitude. It is
Iridium based.

> http://us.spidertracks.com/

I've used or have know users various satellite messaging services over
the years. Iridium is good. I was a Globcomm customer, but it was not
reliable. A friend was on Orbcomm and it had issues as well. 

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