[time-nuts] TADD-1 Distribution Amplifier Available Again!

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sat Mar 22 15:26:47 EDT 2014

On 22/03/14 19:56, John Ackermann wrote:
> We discontinued selling kits for the TAPR TADD-1 distribution amplifier
> a couple of years ago when the MAX477 amplifier at the heard of the
> design became unobtanium.  There were reports that the Analog Devices
> AD8055 was a drop-in replacement, but I hadn't had a chance to test that.
> Well, now I have and the AD8055 does in fact work fine.  In fact a
> TADD-1 with the AD8055 tested a couple of dB quieter than an otherwise
> identical board with the MAX477 (see the attached plot).  Gain and
> bandwidth are very similar.
> So, I'm very pleased to announce that TAPR once again has the TADD-1 kit
> available for order.  The kit includes the PCB and parts, which are all
> through-hole.
> If the product info page at
> http://tapr.org/kits_tadd-1.html
> hasn't been updated yet to allow orders, you can go to
> http://tapr.org/products.php
> where you'll find the TADD-1 order link about half way down.  (I'm still
> working to sync up with the webmaster...)
> Some parts are still on the way from the vendors, so shipping time is
> likely to be 10 to 14 days.

Great news!

I've been waiting for a revision of the TADD-1 to show up.


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