[time-nuts] Nav Receiver Sawtooth Correction?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Mar 24 02:31:43 EDT 2014

bob at evoria.net said:
> Thanks for the response.  I've got a UT+ in the parts box.  But that's not
> the problem I'm trying to solve.  I'm trying to make the best GPSDO that I
> can make using a nav receiver at the moment.  Call it an obsession if you
> like.  It's OK if I don't have corrections to the nanosecond for each PPS. 
> But I can see the nav receiver wandering around; especially on cloudy days,
> (the antenna is in the attic, so that's about the best I can do for that)
> and it just seems to me that I should be able to do a general correction for
> nav position errors.  Sorry if my naive posts are starting to get on
> people's nerves. 

If I was doing something like that, I'd skip the samples where the location 
was outside a range rather than trying to correct. (even if the GPS marked 
them as "good")  And maybe skip several samples each side of the ones out of 

If you have a good reference, you should be able to collect some data and see 
how it looks.

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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