[time-nuts] NIST time services

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Mar 24 02:56:47 EDT 2014

jason at extremeoverclocking.com said:
> If there was some sort of feature in NTP (maybe there already is???), or
> even a separate program that could "test" a list of NTP servers to try and
> pick the lowest latency, I think that could have a positive benefit on
> better time transfer. 

The current ntp-dev is actually closer than you might expect.  The pool 
command gets a bunch of servers via DNS.  If one of them stops responding, it 
will get kicked out and replaced by another server.

It's only SMOP to make it kick out the worst server every now and then.  That 
should converge to at least N-1 good servers.  (If you have N good ones, it 
will kick out the worse which might get replaced by a poor server.  I suppose 
you could tweak the selection to require something like more than x% worse 
than the average or best or ...  Simpler to ask for N+1 if you want N.)

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