[time-nuts] TSIP protocol for T-Bolt

d0ct0r time at patoka.org
Tue Mar 25 17:43:43 EDT 2014

Today I spent good part of my time to figure out that my version of 
Thunderbolt has some issue with the TSIP protocol definition. I am using 
following document: "ThunderBolt GPS Disciplined Clock User Guide, 
Version 5.0, Part Number: 35326-30, November 2003"

In that particular PDF file, there is definition for 0x8F-AB TSIP packet 
[section A.10.30 Report Packet 0x8F-AB Primary Timing Packet].

Here is the structure of 8F-AB, translated to plain C-code:

typedef struct tb_8f_ab {
	uint8_t sub; 	//0    : 1
	uint32_t tow;	//1-4  : 4
	uint16_t wn;	//5-6  : 2
	int16_t ls;     //7-8  : 2
	uint8_t tflag;	//9    : 1
	uint8_t sec;	//10   : 1
	uint8_t min;	//11   : 1
	uint8_t hr;	//12   : 1
	uint8_t day;	//13   : 1
	uint8_t month;	//14   : 1
     	uint16_t year;	//15-16 : 2
} mytb_8f_ab;

Here is the dump I get from my MCU:

//0x10 0x8F 0xAB 0x0 0x3 0x92 0x88 0x6 0xF9 0x0 0x10 0x10 0x3 0x2C 0x1 
0x11 0x19 0x3 0x7 0xDE 0x10 0x3
//0x10 0x8F 0xAB 0x0 0x3 0xCC 0x16 0x6 0xF9 0x0 0x10 0x10 0x3 0x12 0x7 
0x15 0x19 0x3 0x7 0xDE 0x10 0x3

Which is conform to TSIP standard packet definition:

TSIP packet structure is the same for both commands and reports. The 
packet format is:
<DLE> <id> <data string bytes> <DLE> <ETX>
• <DLE> is the byte 0x10
• <ETX> is the byte 0x03
• <id> is a packet identifier byte, which can have any value excepting
<ETX> and <DLE>.

However, its appeared that my T-Bolt throwing one "extra" byte for the 
so-called "Timing Flags".
There is 19 bytes coming from my T-Bolt, instead of expected 18. I found 
that actual length of TFLAG is 16 bit - not 8. Interesting enough, that 
Lady Heather works perfectly fine with that T-Bolt !

Can somebody confirm that there is different version of T-Bolt on the 
market ? If so, where I need to look for the documentation for my 
version ?



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