[time-nuts] NTP and Windows 7

DaveH info at blackmountainforge.com
Thu Mar 27 11:57:02 EDT 2014

Win7 has a higher requirement for system resources than XP. This is not
generally a bad thing as it is doing a lot more but still...

How much RAM do you have installed.

Open your Task Manager/Performance and see what your load is.

Also, the PlanePlotter website says that it runs on XP -- are you running
something else that could load the system to the point where Win7 stutters?



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> Greetings from Wales. I'm not sure whether this august forum is the
> appropriate place to ask a question about PC timekeeping, but 
> in the hope
> that someone can point me in the right direction I'll ask anyway ;-)
> I have just replaced Windows XP with Windows 7. The PC 
> involved (a fairly
> elderly 2.4GHz Core2 machine) runs an application called 
> 'PlanePlotter'
> which requires accurate timekeeping and mandates Meinberg's 
> NTP software.
> Using the UK pool.ntp.org servers as a reference source this 
> has worked very
> well under XP for several years and the clock was seldom more 
> than a few
> milliseconds out. Under Windows 7, however, the clock can be 
> anything up to
> 0.2s awry and the offset is very erratic. The daily loopstats 
> graph looks
> like a section through a mountain range. 
> I have carefully checked all settings and combed the internet for
> suggestions but can see no reason for the sharply degraded 
> performance. Is
> there something about Windows 7 that degrades the performance 
> of NTP? Or is
> there anything subtle I can check? 
> Many thanks in advance.
> John   
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