[time-nuts] FEI-5660 Rubidium Oscillator

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 27 21:55:17 EDT 2014

On 3/27/14 4:10 PM, Tom Van Baak wrote:
>> Recently I happened across an eBay listing for an Antelope Audio
>> Isochrome, a device that apparently packages an SRI-PRS10 rubidium
>> oscillator and distribution amplifier in a box and sells to
>> audiophiles for a price in the

> True, the PRS10 is a better choice than other cheap telecom
> rubidium's but none of these comes close to the performance of a
> premium OCXO. For the ultimate audio reference clock you want to
> avoid Rb, or GPSDO, or Cs for that matter. Instead pick a 1e-12 or
> 1e-13 stable OCXO, strap it to a 100 pound block of granite, and
> leave it alone.
A precision machined, finely crafted 100 pound block of granite (which 
isn't all that big.. 1/3 cubic foot or so?) selected from the most 
acoustically perfect granite by trained audiogranite craftsmen.  The 
relative ratios of feldspar, hornblende and quartz are chosen for each 
installation according to the type of music and the vital harmonics of 
the listener.  If two different people will be listening (obviously not 
at the same time, because only one can be at the perfect point between 
the loudspeakers), you need a mixture of granites.

More seriously, I'm assuming you're advocating rock for the thermal mass 
and/or mechanical.  What about a 100 pound box of sand?

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