[time-nuts] FEI-5660 Rubidium Oscillator

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 27 23:47:59 EDT 2014

no, No, NO granite!  Granite tends to be rather radioactive (particularly avoid the pink stuff).  Any audiofool worth his tin ears can't have no stinkin' alpha/beta/gamma particles mucking with his music!
BTW,  before I bought my house, I tested all the granite surfaces with my rather nice scintillator.   The real estate agents were rather bemused...  but when one bought his own house had me give it the once over... he had read up on the subject..  Oh,  and I've never seen a fireplace that didn't tick like a mother...

A precision machined, finely crafted 100 pound block of granite 		 	   		  

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