[time-nuts] Using GPS to Fine Tune a Rubidium Frequency Standard.

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Hi Anders,

please contact me offline and I will send you a copy of the QEX article.

Rgds Ernie.

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I am a QEX subscriber and have that issue but I haven't built
he circuit.
The author referenced Brooks Shera as the basis for his work.
He uses a Trimble Resolution T GPS for a PPS reference and an
PRO-101 Rubidium oscillator for the 10MHz.
is circuit divides the 10MHz output from Rb by 100 and
ompares the phase of the 100kHz against the PPS.
 PIC16 MCU is the controller and uses the phase data to control
n external DAC to drive the Rb frequency control pin.
There were a couple of other time & frequency related articles in 2013
f you decide to get the CD.
On 3/21/2014 09:20, Anders Time wrote:
 Does anyone have a copy of the QEX 2013 november article(Bill Kaune) "Using
 GPS to Fine Tune a Rubidium Frequency Standard"?

 I´m really interested in this subject, but I can´t find this magazine in
 Sweden. I have contacted QEX, but it is very difficult to buy back-issues.

 Have any one built this frequency standard and can tell me more about the
 You can access the source code for the project here:

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