[time-nuts] 1903 Railroad self-Winding / Self-setting Clock

Bill Riches bill.riches at verizon.net
Sat Nov 1 08:00:10 EDT 2014

I have the wall mounted version. I believe that the hour adjust solenoid
took 100 volts or so.  I will check my manual on the clock.  At a minute
before the top of the hour until a minute after the hour all traffic would
stop on the WU lines and at the top of the hour a 100 v dc pulse came over
the lines to reset the time.  I believe it was in the 30s when WU decided
they did not want to be in the time business and discontinued the service
and said everyone could keep their clocks.  I can imagine the next day
clocks going home with office workers.  WU charged a buck a month for the
clock, service, and batteries.  Many large offices had hundreds of these

The book "American Clocks -Volume 2" by Tran Duyly has everything you ever
wanted to know about self winding clocks.


Bill, WA2DVU
Cape May

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