[time-nuts] HP 5300B - HP 5308A Counter Time Base Question...

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Sat Nov 1 15:54:25 EDT 2014

The time basse oscillator is only a crystal around a logic gate;  not 
exciting at all.  The adjustment is on the 5300A unit.  There is a hole in 
the rear panel of the case that allows adjustment.  You are going to need a 
calibrated standard of some kind to calibrate it against.

The manuals for both the 5300A and the 5309A are on the Keysight web site at 

Dave M

Burt I. Weiner wrote:
> I was recently given a HP-5300B / 5308A counter. I thought it might
> be handy when I'm at an AM broadcast transmitter and needed to make
> "rough" frequency measurements.  It turns out that at 1000 kHz it
> reads about 4.5 Hz high. Looking inside I'm not sure if there's a
> time base adjustment.  I looked at the on-line manuals available and
> I don't find any reference to adjusting the time base
> frequency.  Does anyone here know anything about these counters?  Is
> there a schematic available?  I'm not looking for precision, but 4.5
> Hz at 1 MHz seems a tad much.
> Burt, K6OQK
> Burt I. Weiner Associates
> Broadcast Technical Services
> Glendale, California  U.S.A.
> biwa at att.net
> www.biwa.cc

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