[time-nuts] Lucent KS-24361, HP/Symmetricom Z3809A, Z3810A, Z3811A, Z3812...

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Sun Nov 2 17:48:26 EST 2014

Thanks Gotz
2 and 3 grounded works fine for me too, although I still have one unit that 
 insists on flashing the ON light rather than bringing it on solid. In all 
other  respects both units seem to match. Two more should be arriving 
sometime in  the next couple of weeks so will see how they match up.
Just for reference, pin 13 is also a ground connection so if just pushing  
wires into the connector it might be convenient to use both grounds.
In a message dated 02/11/2014 17:58:12 GMT Standard Time, goetz at g-romahn.de 

Am 02.11.2014 15:08, :
> Ooh err, whoops, and oh dear  !!
> Arthur, I've only just had a chance to look at your latest  photos, and
> unless I've really got my wires crossed, if you'll pardon  the  
> your links on J5 are not shown on pins 2, 10,  12, and 15,  but on pins 
4, 6,
> 11, and 13.
> As far  as I'm aware the numbering from the front of that connector as  
>   starts in the top right hand corner and every row is  numbered right to
> left.
> That's certainly how mine are numbered  anyway, and I wired them
> accordingly, and it worked, so where the heck  does that leave us now?:-)
thanks  Nigel for detecting this glitch. I removed all jumpers now and 
tested some  reasonable new/old combinations resulting in very simple 
it seems  to be sufficient to connect pin2 and pin3 to pin8 (ground).
Numbering as  provided by Nigel and markings on my 15  pin-plug.


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