[time-nuts] 10MHz Rubidium reference source for frequency counter

John Miles john at miles.io
Sun Nov 2 17:58:09 EST 2014

> Mode has been switch from Frequency to TI - result is much better now. It was
> the main improvement in my measurement. Thanks a lot!
> Picture of ADEV OCXO result -
> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21338179/hamradio/OCXO_Adev/OCXO%
> 20ADEV%20TI%20mode%2020141102.jpg

If you're taking a residual baseline measurement by feeding the same signal to both the start and stop inputs, then that looks OK.  But if you're measuring one OCXO against another, then it wouldn't be correct since it doesn't show an increase in instability at longer taus.  (If you like, send the .tim file to john at miles.io and I'll have a look at it.)

-- john, KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

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