[time-nuts] Hydrogen Maser KIT! Update #1

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sun Nov 2 18:39:24 EST 2014


On 11/03/2014 12:19 AM, Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
>> On Nov 2, 2014, at 6:09 PM, Magnus Danielson <magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org> wrote:
>> Bob,
>> Yes, but your Q will suffer.
> Ok, so it might / might not work depending on how high a Q it needs to start functioning. I think I might try it before I went crazy coating he bulb. There will be a *lot* of weird things to debug and associated tear downs to find them. Having a fragile bulb coating to deal with on top of everything else might just be more than can be dealt with.

It is worth knowing that active masers have a span for how the hydrogen 
in-flux will make it oscillate or not. Too little or too high, and the 
oscillation will die off. It may be one of the things to tune up if you 
got an older one which needs a bit of good old Love, Tender and Care.

If you don't dare, I can pass you the appropriate address for it. ;-)


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