[time-nuts] Hydrogen Maser KIT! Update #1

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Sun Nov 2 21:49:34 EST 2014

In retrospect, it looks like their teflon coating is even simpler
done.  It looks like what they did is take very finely sectioned
teflon powder, and make a slurry in probably acetone.

They cleaned the vessel very well first with acetone and second,
probably a little distilled water to etch the glass slightly,
and then put the teflon/acetone slurry in the bulb, slooshed it
around a bit to cover the walls, and then drained it all out.
When the acetone evaporated, the teflon powder would remain on
the walls.

I've seen a nearly identical coating every time I take a can of
teflon spray lubricant/mold release, and spray it on something.

-Chuck Harris

> I would think that making the teflon coating would be pretty easy.
> What I would try is to put a nichrome boat, and some teflon into the
> vessel, and pull it down to a good vacuum.  Then heat up the boat,
> and the teflon should sublime, and condense on the walls of the
> vessel.
> The nichrome boat could be something as simple as wrapping the nichrome
> into a solenoid form around some teflon rod.
> -Chuck Harris

Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> It’s been way too many years since my last Maser play session …
> Will it fire up *without* the Teflon coating on the bulb? Yes it works *better*
> with the Teflon (less wall interaction). Getting the bulb re-coated might be a
> major pain. It does look ugly in it’s current state. I’m wondering about just
> stripping the bulb and then seeing what works and what does not.
> Bob

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