[time-nuts] Anybody have experience with TimeMachines TM1000A GPS Time Server

Rick Thomas rbthomas at pobox.com
Sun Nov 9 03:05:09 EST 2014

On Nov 8, 2014, at 7:11 PM, Jim Lux <jimlux at earthlink.net> wrote:

> On 11/8/14, 6:58 PM, Pete Lancashire wrote:
>> Is this who you got it from
>> http://www.css-timemachines.com/
>> if so, why not contact them ?

I’ve sent email to them, but I don’t expect an answer before Monday.  I was hoping somebody on the time-nuts mailing list had encountered this before and had a solution.

> http://www.css-design.com/downloads/TM1000A_Manual.pdf
> page 9 of the pdf.

If you’re referring to this:

>> 	• Antenna Connection: 1575.42MHz (L1 Band) at a level between -135dBm and -159dBm into 50 Ohm impedance.
>>           Maximum input return loss is -9dB.
>> 	• TTFF (Time To First Fix)
>> 	• Cold start @-125dBm typically 33 seconds
>> 	• Re-acquisition (<10s obstruction) typically 1 second

I’ve let it sit for over an hour and it still doesn’t answer ICMP-ping or NTP or HTTP.


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