[time-nuts] KS-24361 GPSDO question

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 11:08:39 EST 2014

Hello to the group thanks for the help so far.
The KS-24361 is running and communicating with the z3811 software.

Question 1
I have an active antenna system so need to fake out the 24361.
I have tried a 220 and 110 ohm R on the antenna with rf input Isolating
capacitor to simulate the current n active antenna would draw.
I measured the active antenna at 40 ma. so about 125 ohms will do.
The GPS LED flashes.
When I attach a real active antenna it turns off.

Question 2
I can see the TI/PPS is pretty noisy compared to the Z3801 the spikes go
from + to - 4 X 10-8th. Also the EFC is steadily rising. I am pretty sure
this was the comment about the system needs to run for 30 days so it ages
and adjusts to operation.
Or do I actually have a questionable unit. I would want to return the unit
if its bad. The seller seems very responsive.

Question 3
After the survey completes at least 3 hours for me the system goes into
position hold. I believe this is normal.

I was watching the super cap discharge. It runs the battery backup to the
GPS receiver. I was surprised that its rate seems some what high. I would
believe it can only hold data for a few hours. I need to make better
measurements and the fact is since I will be installing 2 X AAA external
batteries it doesn't matter.

Startup cold can be 34 or so watts. Normal warm running is 20 watts. So if
your looking at battery backup some figures to use.

Reacquire for me after a short 5 minute power outage is about 10 minutes to
get the green led and outputs.

Last comment
Seems a shame there is not a repository we could add all this good
information to.
I believe its going to get lost with this method.


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