[time-nuts] 5 to 10 MHz Qrad Driven Mixer Doubler

johncroos at aol.com johncroos at aol.com
Mon Nov 10 08:09:45 EST 2014

A linear 5 to 10 MHz doubler that may be of
interest is described in the March-April 2011
issue of QEX. I use it to double the output of
an Vectron double oven 5 MHz standard to 10 MHz.
Extensive design and performance data is provided for
the basic breadboard, a PC version of the breadboard
and a complete subsystem including an +13 dBm output line
driver amplifier with a 50 OHM source impedance. 
I did not measure the phase noise or ADEY as my
applications did not require such. For grins, the basic doubler
can be implemented with a connectorized hanging bread board consisting
of a double balanced mixer, a power splitter, and a 90
degrees phase shift network. Data on such an arrangement is
in the article. The article may be found on the ARRL web site
-73 john roos k6iql 

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